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About Us

Our flavours are changing all the time to reflect the changes and trends in our industry, however we also keep the well-known favourites too.

Outstanding Quality Sausages Made In The Uk

We source the best ingredients to produce a wide range of products to meet our customer's needs. We have an extensive professional range of items, which all meet stringent manufacturing quality and safety standards.

We pride ourselves on making the best Sausage possible, by using only the best ingredients. We cook various Sausages every day and hold sampling sessions with the staff to ensure a quality product leaves the factory to our customers every time.

New flavours are introduced throughout the year. We introduced Sausage of the month, which was such a success that the Sausage flavours that month carry on selling all year round!  We have seasonal, sporty and flavoursome Sausages dependant on what is happening in the environment around us and we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. We have produced Sausage to celebrate various Football events and the Firecracker Sausage is a favourite around bonfire night.

A few years ago, David Barrett’s father came back from Cyprus with a recipe for Sheftalia,  where he had pestered the ladies in small tavern’s in a village called Pervolia just outside of Larnaca. On his return, we experimented and tweaked the recipe until we got to the stage of creating and producing the perfect Cypriot Sausage. We produced large quantities and they have sold really well and we are really pleased. But not so pleased with the amount of fresh flat leaf parsley that we have to chop that goes into them!

We have an exceptional reputation for providing excellent quality and customer service.

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