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Sausages and BBQ’s equal HAPPINESS!!!!

Sausages are the number one preferred meat on the British BBQ. Out comes the sun and we all start thinking of getting the Barbie out and enjoying  the sizzle of a British Banger in our garden.

In total, Brits fired up the Barbie on 115.3 million occasions in 2016

Here are some handy tips for your BBQ in 2019

Mistake 1: Using too much heat

You do not want to much heat all over the grill. The issue is your sausages will all be nearly black on the outside and there’s nowhere cooler to put them.

If you have a gas BBQ put your Sausages on the top tray where there is less heat compared to the bottom tray. If you have a coal barbecue divide it into two parts: lay an even part of coals on one half, and then a thin layer on the other half. This will give you much more control (and give you evenly cooked sausages

Mistake 2: Using fridge-cold meat

Let your sausages breathe and place them in your kitchen before cooking at room temperature. Take them out of the fridge for at least 30 minutes before cooking. Instructions for cooking are never right when meat is used straight from the fridge.

Mistake 3: Ignoring ‘wait for grey’ charcoal advice

Wait until the coal is grey is what we suggest, why ruin your perfect sausage?  If you start cooking to early some sausages may cook under the grey coal whilst others will not

reach the same heat as they were under white coal which will then require a different cooking time.

Mistake 4: Fiddling with the lid

We grab our tongs and open the lid and turn the sausages around with a beer in our hand. Be careful as if we open the lid too often it affects the heat. Repeatedly moving the lid on a gas grill will aid the loss of heat. Doing it on a coal grill will bring in more oxygen, feed the heat, and make it hotter.

Mistake 5: Not letting Sausages rest after cooking

Everyone has had a drink, and the kids are tired from the sun and the paddle pool and see the sausages have come off the BBQ. Let the sausages relax and cool down for a few minutes and the juices will relax and the sausages will be even more tasty.

Mistake 6: Charred doesn’t mean cooked

Charred on the outside doesn’t always mean the meat is cooked on the inside. Check by cutting into the Sausage to make sure they are not pink in the middle and that the juices run clear.  

Mistake 7 : Over Crowding the Grill

The 30 percent rule: Do not over-crowd the BBQ. You will get flare-ups—Leave at least 30 percent of your grill free so the sausages can move around.

Mistake 8: Do not prick

Do not prick your sausages with toothpicks or forks before grilling. Piercing the casing only releases flammable fats, juices, and will affect the flavour.  

LASTLY – ENJOY your Barretts Sausages with the perfect BBQ this summer!


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